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DJ Carl Jay is a music artist who creates unique client experiences. His meetings allow him to learn about his clients and create custom soundtracks that reflect their love story and vision.

DJ Carl Jay loves working with people who care about music, vibe, and energy, and he brings this passion to every performance and production project he undertakes. Whether for a large crowd or an intimate setting, DJ Carl Jay is dedicated to communicating his clients' stories through his artistic vision.

With extensive musical depth and refined MC skills, DJ Carl Jay possesses a unique ability to read the energy of a room, play the audience at hand, and keep your guests engaged throughout the night.

DJ Carl Jay is from Napa Valley, CA, and travels throughout Northern California and beyond to bring you the best parties.



Chardonnay Golf Course
Westin Verasa Napa
Tre Posti
Robledo Barn Sonoma
Eagle Vine Golf Course


Downtown Joes Napa
Be Bubble Wine Bar Napa


99.7 Now Radio Concert DJ
106 Kmel Radio Concert DJ
Seattle Seahwaks,Rob Turbin Charity Event 
Denver Broncos, Russel Wilson Charity Event
Opening DJ for JoJo Siwa
Opening DJ for Pitbull
BottleRock Napa Valley Festival DJ
Blue Note Napa Jazz Festival DJ 
JaM Cellars Napa DJ 
Iron Chef; Chef Morimoto Fundraiser Event 

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"DJ Carl Jay was a fantastic DJ for our wedding! Carl was super responsive and was well receptive to any feedback I had for the music and the layout of how I wanted the day to go. Carl was super energetic and kept everyone dancing!"

Paloma W. | CLIENT




“Cringe-y Song Mixing”: An average DJ may struggle with basic technical aspects such as beatmatching, mixing, or transitioning between tracks. This can result in awkward pauses, off-beat mixes, or clashing songs that disrupt the flow of the party.

“Flawless Mixing and Dancing Fun”: DJ Carl Jay possesses exceptional technical skills in mixing, beatmatching, and seamless transitions between songs. Commands the crowd with finesse and knows exactly how to create the fun, dance party your friends and family can’t stop talking about

“Wrong song choice”: An average DJ may have limited knowledge of music genres or fail to understand his audience's preferences. They may play inappropriate tracks for the crowd, resulting in a disconnect with guests at your wedding.

“Upbeat and great energy” DJ Carl Jay engages with the crowd with positive energy. He is a pro who knows how to handle any crowd and can curate any genre of music to suit his audience perfectly.

“Boring Nonexistent”: An average DJ may lack charisma or confidence on stage, failing to connect with the audience or create a memorable experience. They have low energy and can’t read crowds

“Unforgettable Moments” DJ Carl Jay ensures you will have fun and make amazing memories with your family and friends. You’ve worked hard to make your wedding day special. Don’t leave the moments and memories to chance.

“Ruined night, a bad experience.” Your special celebration shouldn’t be a DJ’s practice event. Don’t risk all your careful planning and investment on a DJ who is not experienced enough and will leave you with a poor reputation.

“Peace of mind” DJ Carl Jay cares about your effort and reputation. With over 10 years of experience DJing weddings, he listens to what you want and helps you bring your wedding vision to life.




Ceremonies are all about simplicity, elegancy and atmosphere. It sets the tone for your wedding and will create memories for you that will last a lifetime. As your DJ, I'm dedicated to helping you create a playlist that will ensure this is the best day of your life


When it comes to getting the party started, I understand how important music is to your special day. ​Whether your style is pop, or hip hop to a little bit of Latin, I'm here to develop your perfect playlist to keep you and your guests dancing all night long.

When transitioning from the ceremony to cocktail hour, music plays a vital role for your guests while they catch up with friends & fam while sipping their fav drink. It's my mission to make sure this time feels like it flew by because everyone was having a great time.


Covering your full wedding day including; ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.



Fill out the inquiry form here to check availability. Then, we will book a call to discuss the details. We will discuss what you are looking for and see if I am the right fit for your special day.


To secure the date, a signed agreement and retainer fee are required. Includes administration and onboarding process.


Access his online app to help you plan your music for your wedding. It covers timelines, music, and names. Schedule as many meetings with DJ Carl Jay as needed.


Meeting/Call 1-2 weeks before your wedding day to finalize details.


Using DJ Carl Jay's preparation process, he will perform and deliver his best work at your wedding so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day with family and friends!

you probably have some questions!


WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR WHEN HIRING A DJ? When choosing a DJ for your event, consider the DJ's experience, music library, ability to interact with the crowd, professional demeanor, and equipment setup. Ultimately, you want a DJ who you can trust, who understands what you want, and who has a process to help you get what you want. Please schedule a meeting with me to see if I can help you and if we'd be right.

HOW MUCH DOES HIRING A DJ FOR AN EVENT COST? The cost of hiring a DJ for an event is largely determined by their level of talent and experience. Generally, a DJ with a proven track record of providing high-quality entertainment and engaging audiences can command a higher fee. Factors such as event type, location, equipment, and expectations affect DJ cost. The average cost ranges from $100 to $10,000 based on DJ talent and services. Consider the value of a talented DJ and budget accordingly to meet your entertainment needs.

WHY SHOULD I HIRE A DJ FOR MY EVENT? Hiring a DJ can not only play well-chosen music and control the flow and energy of the event, but they can also bring life to your party and make memories that will last a lifetime. A skilled DJ can read the crowd, adjust the music to keep everyone engaged and elevate the event's overall atmosphere. When you hire a professional DJ for your special event, you don't have to worry about the music or technical details. This will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

ISN'T USING A PLAYLIST THE SAME AS HIRING A DJ? While a playlist or band may provide music, they may not have the versatility and experience to adjust to the crowd's energy and preferences. On the other hand, a DJ can make the music flow smoothly by reading the crowd and making changes on the spot.

HOW DO I KNOW IF DJ CARL WILL PLAY THE MUSIC I LIKE? I always tell clients to meet with me first to discuss the music they like and ensure that our tastes are similar. I can provide samples of my work and reviews from past clients to give you a better idea of my expertise in music. During the event, I am also open to taking requests and adjusting my music selection to ensure everyone is having a great time.

CAN I SEE REVIEWS FROM PREVIOUS CLIENTS? Yes, I have many happy clients who are impressed with my DJ work and would be glad to provide any reviews or testimonials. I encourage you to look at my portfolio (on Google, Yelp, Instagram, etc.) and read my reviews to see the kind of experience you can expect from me as your DJ. If you're interested in my services, please schedule an appointment to see if we'd be a great fit.

MY VENUE REQUIRES THE DJ TO BE INSURED. DOES DJ CARL JAY CARRY INSURANCE? Yes, I carry liability insurance with a coverage value of $2,000,000. If your event site needs an insurance certificate, I will gladly give you one if you ask.

DOES DJ CARL JAY ALSO MC? As a professional wedding DJ and MC, I understand how to make your event memorable. I can make any announcements, lead the evening's program, host games, and even hype the crowd! By taking on both roles, I know how to work the room and the dance floor cohesively.

I'M HAVING A DESTINATION WEDDING. DOES DJ CARL JAY TRAVEL? Yes, I do! I have done several weddings, both out of town and out of state, and I would also be willing to travel. Let's talk about it further!

I DON'T WANT MY WEDDING TO BE CHEESY. WHAT IS DJ CARL JAY'S STYLE? I love to let the music speak for itself and will engage on the microphone to enhance you and your guests' experience. I don't usually play the entire track length to keep the energy moving. But when I see your guests singing their hearts out, I'm happy to play the entire track. I can play all my music "clean" to make it more appropriate for your guests or play the original, uncensored edits based on your preference. I don't limit myself to one genre of music because there is so much good music out there; sticking to one genre for an entire event would miss out on all the other connections I can make with people with different musical tastes.

CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE AS A DJ? Absolutely! I'd be happy for you to check out my work on YouTube and Instagram to better understand my style and approach as a wedding DJ. But I also agree that chatting about your wedding celebration and your vision for the music and overall atmosphere is important. I encourage you to schedule a call with me to discuss your preferences and how I can help you achieve your dream wedding. During the call, I can share more about my approach to weddings and how I customize my services to fit each couple's unique vision. I'm proud of my ability to give each couple a unique and unforgettable experience, and I'd love to talk with you about how I can do the same for your wedding. So feel free to check out my videos on YouTube and Instagram, and let's schedule a call to chat more about your wedding celebration!

IS THE DJ RESPONSIBLE FOR CUEING THE MUSIC WHEN THE BRIDE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE? OR IS THAT THE VENUE? Hey, that's a great question! Usually, the DJ is responsible for cueing the music for the ceremony. I work closely with your day-of coordinator and officiant to ensure everything runs smoothly and the music is timed just right. Also, I bring the right sound equipment so that people can hear the music as they arrive before the ceremony starts. I also make sure your guests can hear any announcements, the ceremony service, and your vows by making sure they have the right microphones. This is also great, so your videographer can record audio from the DJ's sound system. If you're working with any musicians for your ceremony, I'll need to coordinate with them as well to ensure that they have any sound reinforcement they need. And in the worst-case scenario that the musicians cannot perform, I'll be there as a backup and can play recorded music. At the end of the day, my goal is to ensure that your ceremony goes off without a hitch and that the music sets the vibe you want for your special day. So you can count on me to work closely with you, your day-of coordinator, and other vendors to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you have an unforgettable ceremony!

WHAT IS DJ CARL JAY'S MUSIC STYLE, AND HOW DOES HE PERSONALIZE HIS MUSIC STYLE TO FIT A COUPLE'S PREFERENCES? Thanks for asking about my music style and how I personalize my music choices to fit each couple's preferences. I consider myself an “open-format ” DJ, which means I play all kinds of music and mix them so that each track blends well with the others. I choose the right songs and mix them at the right time to set and continue the vibe we're creating. But what's most important to me is ensuring the music reflects the couple's style and preferences. That's why I have a music planning and preparation process that each couple takes part in. I want to fully understand my couples' style and favorite tracks so I can deliver on that, and I also use my professional experience to play other songs that will work for the crowd. During the planning process, we discuss everything from the must-play songs to songs they definitely don't want to hear. I ask questions about the vibe they want to create and the types of music they enjoy, and I use that information to create a custom playlist that fits their wedding celebration perfectly. I love working with couples to create a personalized and unforgettable experience; music is an important part of that. I always strive to make sure the music fits the mood and keeps the dance floor packed so everyone has a great time. If you have any questions about my music planning and preparation process, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm always happy to chat more and ensure your wedding celebration is unforgettable!

WILL THE DJ PLAY MUSIC FOR THE CEREMONY, COCKTAIL HOUR, AND RECEPTION? Hey there! Great question. Yes, the DJ is usually in charge of the sound and music for the whole event, including the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception. This means I'll bring the right sound equipment to play music at all parts of the party, and I'll work closely with you to ensure the music fits your style and tastes. I believe that the right music can set the tone for each part of your wedding celebration, whether you're walking down the aisle, mingling during cocktail hour, or dancing the night away. So whether you want something classic and elegant for the ceremony, something upbeat and fun for cocktail hour, or a mix of your favorite dance tunes for the reception, I'm here to help you create the perfect soundtrack for your special day. Just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll work my magic to set the vibe and ensure everyone has a great time!




Napa based event, wedding and corporate dj servicing napa valley, SF Bay Area, Central Valley and beyond. 

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